What is Cloud Computing?

Imagine eliminating your employees’ need to work on select computers with needed applications installed on the mainframe. What if your staff members could work collectively and access their applications anywhere, whilst auditing clients that are oceans apart? Technological advancements – particularly the introduction of ‘cloud computing’ – have now made this a reality. As Presto Vivace outlined in his blog, cloud computing utilizes a combination of the Internet (‘Cloud’) and computer technology (‘Computing’). IDC recently made a post defining the newfound development as the technological backbone of ‘cloud services’; which is the real-time delivery of services and solutions to consumers via the Internet. In large, such cloud services are monetized by means of subscriptions and/or usage of the product. This in itself has several cost benefits for clients, as will be outlined in future posts pertaining to the advantages of cloud computing. Further characteristics of cloud services include its (1) accessibility via the Internet; (2) browser-based interface; (3) dependence on third-party sources; (4) need for minimal IT proficiency; and (5) ability to share resources.


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